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05/12/2018: Australia's largest personal injury law firm engages HTG to develop online "Partner Portal"

“Law Partners, Australia's largest personal injury law firm, is set to launch an online portal to assist smaller firms in handling their claims. The idea behind this is to ' an online platform, both desktop and mobile friendly, for our partners to register new files and for my firm to convey back to the partner about the status of that client/matter.' says Adrian Pin, Managing Director at Law Partners.”

“The Portal will be a win-win for everyone involved. The smaller firms will have access to the large work force at Law Parters and the clients will now have a higher probability of their cases being ultimately accepted and handled efficiently with a greater level of personal attention they might not otherwise have.”

Adrian Pin - Managing Director
Law Partners
11/10/2017: StillWaters Technology partners with HTG to build Crytpo Currency Application

“The ICO As A Service application is an enterprise class solution for Initial Coin Offerings that provides all the business, access management, Dutch auction, transaction verification, escrow, processing, recording, reporting, compliance, and housekeeping functions needed to take an ICO from concept to operation, except for the secure blockchains and wallets themselves, which are provided by connections to open sources. SDG ICO provides a customized, role-based dashboard from which all functions can be accessed and all information can be displayed.”

StillWaters Technology “This will be the most advanced full-function offering for ICOs available, and will remain so, since our only purpose is to provide the most advanced, feature rich, and current services possible, using a continuous product improvement process.”
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Kenn Palm - CEO
StillWaters Technology
10/04/2017: HTG releases mobile app "Pajangle!" to both Google Play and App Store

“Help Pajangle make his way through fun mazes of traps and hazards by tapping the screen in the direction you want him to go. But watch out for some not so friendly characters that will stop at nothing to end his journey early. Just do your best to give them a "bop" on the head to make them go pop! Don't forget to collect charms along the way to customize and give him special abilities!”


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