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Here's what our customers are saying...

"HTG struck the delicate balance between being highly technical, solution-oriented, and business-savvy. They looked at problems from a wide lens and implemented technology in order to meet the needs of the business.

I was always impressed with their knowlege of the latest technologies and industry best practices. Combine that with their breadth of experience and their skill-sets were always very current/modern.

There's was nothing too big or too small for them, if they could solve a bigger problem, they would. I wouldn't hesitate to call upon them again for our next project..."

Marnie Boyer
VP/Director of Marketing Intelligence - Wunderman

"HTG are by far the most talented architects/developers I have ever met; I say that because you'll likely find a number of people with similar technical proficiencies, however I guarantee you will not find another group to match their experience in the real world of building full stack end-to-end business applications.

That's important from an integration standpoint because often in the real world you don't get to use the most obvious or best-supported solution to get the job done, and it takes experience, not Google searches, to be able to make those connections between business partners when the clock is ticking. The other thing you won't see in a resume filled with technical certifications and coding language acronyms is their passion for what they do.

I don't think I've met anyone with their drive to pull 12hr days on the norm and also stay current in the field the way they do..."

Jared Hall
Data Services Architect - Billy Casper Golf

"HTG were a pleasure to work with. They're always thinking about the bigger picture and how we could get there, yet still able to think small term and make things happen on a day to day basis.

Their drive and determination to figure things out was great to be around and they wouldn't settle until a solution was found.

They are a valuable asset to any company and I would always welcome an opportunity to work with them again."

Jessica Lewis
Director of Web and Product Development - Billy Casper Golf

"I have worked with HTG for several years and during that time they have always demonstrated their insight, tenacity, and commitment to quality work and outstanding solutions to technical problems..."

Dave Williams
VP/CTO - Plants Alive!